Vaseline® Healthy White SPF30 PA++ Serum

Highest rated sun whitening protection.
  • 3x Whitening** Serum Power
  • SPF30: 96% UVB Protection
  • PA++: Extra UVA Protection
  • Active Vitamin B3: Lightens and brightens skin
  • Absorbs fast for a non-greasy feel
**3 times more skin lightening factors as compared with lotion without sunscreen and Vitamin B3.


What's in it?

  • Vitamin B3
  • Triple sunscreens


  • What is SPF?
    The SPF rating is a reliable measurement of protection against UVB.
  • How is sunscreen used correctly?
    Apply required amount of product on your body and apply it repeatedly every two or three hours.
  • Which SPF value should I choose?
    About 90 percent of ultraviolet rays can penetrate clouds. So even if there is no sunshine, people still need sunscreen products
  • I tan easily/have darker skin, so I do not need to worry about wearing sunscreen, right?
    Tanning is a protective response to UV. This means by the time you notice a tan, there has already been damage to your skin. Tanning also speeds the aging process and can make certain types of age spots, melasma and darkening of the skin after inflammation more prominent.
  • Do I still need sun protection indoors?
    UV rays, especially most of UVA can still transmit into window which further damage your skin. So sitting indoors where with the window will still need sun protection.
  • My umbrella will always protect my fairness from the sun.
    Ordinary umbrellas may only provide you with as little as 25% of the recommended protection you ned from the sun. So your fairness may still be at risk even under an umbrella.

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